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Digital Sidescan Sonars / Klein 3000/5000


Sensors Supported:


Datasonics SIS1000

Datasonics SIS1500/02

Datasonics SIS-3000

DSME Utech S-150

Edgetech 272-ACI

Edgetech DF-1000

Edgetech 4200/4300

EdgeTech FS-AU




Klein 2000

Klein 3000/5000

MSTL Sea Scan

Teledyne Benthos SIS 1600


Tritech SeaKing

The Klein 3000 sidescan system is made by Klein Associates, Inc., of Salem, New Hampshire. Klein recently became part of the L3 Communications Group.

The 3000 offers dual frequency (132 and 445 KHz) digital sidescan recorded at 12 bits dynamic range, at approximately 25KHz.

The Klein 3000 sidescan is interfaced to the Klein 3000 TPU (19” 3U rack-mount unit) for power and data communications. Control and display is provided by software (GeoDAS-PC) running on a networked PC workstation or laptop for control of range, gain and power.

OIC supports the Klein-3000 sidescan (analog output) via GeoDAS-PC/K5K providing a full control, logging and real-time processing solution. For details, see the GeoDAS section of our web page.

The Klein 5000 series is a multibeam sidescan capable of forming multiple, simultaneous beams for each ping, resulting in greater along-track coverage and higher operating speeds. It operates at 455 KHz. For details click here.

The Klein-3000 can also be operated with Klein-supplied SonarPro software, to record data in their native “SDF” format, or “XTF” format. These data files can be converted and post-processed by OIC products including GeoDAS-Desktop, OICToolkit and OIC CleanSweep.

For examples of mosaics created by OIC software with Klein-3000 data, please see our Data Samples page.