Portable Sidescan with true 16-bit resolution

The HMS-1400 system combines a portable digital sidescan towfish and sonar interface with true 16-bit processing in a Toughbox workstation with GeoDAS software for high-resolution survey imaging. Easy-to-use and low-cost, the HMS-1400 system provides single- or dual-frequency operation with depth, heading, and attitude sensors.

HMS 1400 sidescan sonar
HMS-1400 Sidescan Sonar System

The powerful GeoDAS software offers an extensive suite of capabilities common in more expensive systems, including display of real-time mosaicking of sidescan images on top of nautical chart data for effective image location and mission execution, survey planning and advanced target analysis

HMS 1400 sidescan sonar
Wreck found in Keehi Boat Harbor, HI


Features and Benefits

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