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Service + Software for Seafloor Mapping

OIC provides a variety of training options including in-house training here in our office (in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii), at-sea training on our survey vessel,Triton, or on-site training at a place of the client’s choosing. OIC also offers seminars in hydrographic surveying, methodology, and technology.
Surveying/Survey Consultation
OIC has provided survey management and survey consultation services for clients including Raytheon, NAVOceano, GeoScience Earth and Marines Services, Inc. (GEMS), and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).
Custom Software/ Programming and
Purpose-built Turnkey Systems
Due to the processing requirements of hydrographic survey software, OIC commonly ships hardware systems custom-built to each client’s specific needs, with software pre-installed, and/or with a sensor of the client’s choice.

OIC has created custom software programs for Johns Hopkins University and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). We can custom-fit our software to an existing sensor's output parameters, or custom program a software system for new systems.
Data Processing / Mission Product Output
OIC has served as a Mission Product/Data Presentation service for many clients. Our data processing facilities have been used by clients to provide superior output results, whether it’s simple data processing or complete mission product output. If you have data that needs to be processed and/or output, we're here to help.
Equipment Rental
OIC has a range of survey equipment available for rental including sidescan systems (Benthos, SonarBeam, and Imagenex), bathymetry systems (R2Sonic and Benthos), and other sensors (JWFisher, TSS, Trimble, Teledyne, and Seabotics).


In addition to creating a variety of software systems for data acquisition, processing and analysis, Oceanic Imaging Consultants offers other services to our clients including software training and hydrographic surveying using OIC’s survey vessel and equipment. Take a look at the services we offer.  For more information,click on a link below.