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Data Samples / Single Beam Echosounder Samples

Single-beam echosounders are the original and simplest acoustic seafloor mapping systems. They consist of a transducer, mounted either to the hull of the boat or over the side, a driver, and a display system. With each sounder ping, the driver energizes the transducer, producing a pulse in the water directed downward to the bottom. The reflected energy comes back to the transducer, where it excites the receiver, and is detected and displayed.

Depth is derived from measuring the travel time, and knowing the speed of sound in water.

Single-beam echosounder are available in single and dual-frequency models; the dual-frequency models provide two depth estimates.

As lower frequency sound may penetrate superficial sediments, these are often said to be useful for “mud-layer” mapping.

Using OIC software, single-beam echosounder data can be superimposed on chart data and output as a mission product, complete with descriptive text and displayed geocoded Latitude/Longitude degrees, or Eastings/Northings.

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