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Service + Software for Seafloor Mapping


Below is a  summary of OIC’s software programs.  

For more information about a specific program, click on the name of the  program.


OIC Software



OIC’s flagship product is GeoDAS - a Geophysical Data Acquisition System that features simultaneous collection of up to eight channels of data, real-time processing and mosaicking, superimposed charts to show navigation and area coverage, and a target view tool that makes target marking and identification just a click away.


GeoDAS-DT (desktop)  provides tools for playback, reprocessing and mosaicking of sidescan, bathymetry, and other hydrographic data.


GeoDAS-FLS (Forward-Look Sonar) controls and acquires data from the Ultra Electronics high-frequency
wide-band forward looking sonar system. The side-by-side bathymetry and imagery displays provide obstacle avoidance capabilities as well as an overall environmental awareness


GeoDAS-GA I(Generic Analog) is the same version of GeoDAS for used for analog systems.


GeoDAS-LT is customized for serial devices such as fathometers, magnetometers, and “entry-level” sensors, at a rock-bottom price.


GeoDAS-MB is multibeam-specific software with features that include bathymetric processing tools, target and event tracking, simultaneous multibeam and sidescan data logging, and 3D bathymetric display.


GeoDAS-MPE is for mission planning and execution of acquiring data for mapping a subject area of interest.


GeoDAS-PC (Personal Computer) is the same version of  GeoDAs designed for office-use  personal computers.


GeoDAS-SDV is a configurable hardware and software system specifically designed for wet subs and swimmer delivery vehicles (SDV).


OIC-Class is a powerful Windows-based tool for analysis and classification of sidescan and swath bathymetry data.  The main GUI provides control over cleaning, analysis and classification tools.

OIC CleanSweep

OIC CleanSweep provides a fast, user-friendly environment for processing hydrographic survey data and production of high-quality final products.  Data can be imported from a wide variety of sensors including sidescan sonars, multibeam echosounders and swath interferometric systems

OIC HullSweep

Hull Sweep bundles robust, state of the art capabilities into one easy-to-use interface. Stations can be built directly in existing transit corridors to passively scan all incoming or outgoing vessel traffic.


OIC_NAP is our navigation and attitude processing (NAP) module that primarily cleans survey data; it pre-filters navigation and attitude information, removes noise, interpolates data and transforms vessel courses, headings, and other data.

OIC Pipetrack

OIC PipeTrack automatically tracks pipelines in sidescan data, then detects, measures and reports free-spans.  It provides anomaly tagging and reporting, real-time or post-acquisition capability and automatic export to Excel spreadsheet for report generation and review.

OIC Spartan

OIC’s Spartan combines a portable (28 pounds) digital sidescan with OlC’s Toughbox GeoDAS workstation and sonar interface to provide a complete, cost-effective survey system. Put the included magnetic-mount GPS receiver on your wheelhouse, power-up the system, and you’re ready to survey.

OIC Toolkit

OIC ToolKit is a Unix-based, comprehensive post-acquisition processing system for correction, enhancement, and mosaicking of sidescan sonar imagery, interferometric bathymetry, and multibeam data.

OIC ROVer’s Eye

ROVer’s Eye is a PC-based real-time 3D virtual reality package designed to help underwater vehicle operators navigate the seabed terrain and avoid unseen hazards.  It includes 30 frame-per-second rendering, sidescan and bathy overlays and it is highly configurable and even provides movie output options.