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Digital Sidescan Sonars / Datasonics SIS1000


Sensors Supported:


Datasonics SIS1000

Datasonics SIS1500/02

Datasonics SIS-3000

DSME Utech S-150

Edgetech 272-ACI

Edgetech DF-1000

Edgetech 4200/4300

EdgeTech FS-AU




Klein 2000

Klein 3000/5000

MSTL Sea Scan

Teledyne Benthos SIS 1600 TOBI

Tritech SeaKing  

The Datasonics SIS1000 was made by Datasonics, Inc., which is now a part of Teledyne Benthos Inc., of North Falmouth, Massachusetts. The SIS-1000 utilizes Chirp Technology in the (90-110 kHz) frequency band for side scan sonar and (2-7 kHz) for sub-bottom profiling. The SIS-1000 digitally synthesizes and transmits a linearly swept, frequency-modulated (Chirp) pulse with resolution proportional to transmitted bandwidth-not pulse length - for swaths up to 1500 meters.

SIS-1000 data recorded in QMIPS (.dat) and.XTF format can be read by OIC post-processing software, including OIC Toolkit, GeoDAS-Desktop and OIC CleanSweep.

For demo data and example mosaics, please see our Data Samples.