GeoDAS-SDV - Swimmer Delivery Vehicle

GeoDAS-SDV is our custom software system that is tailor-made for Swimmer Delivery Vehicles and other wet subs; it provides real-time navigation, mapping, and obstacle avoidance. GeoDAS-SDV is a configurable hardware and software system typically comprised of a waterproof GPS, sidescan sonar, forward look sonar, compass, doppler velocity log and an onboard computer running our GeoDAS software. The result is a system that offers real-time interface and control for the integrated sensors to provide a superior working environment for vehicle operators, particularly in low-visibility environments.

It provides

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Fully Submersible

OlC's processing and Acquisition Module (PAM) is the powerhouse of the GeoDAS-SDV system. Features include:

3D Navigation display

Real-Time Mosaicking

Diver Operability