GeoDAS for Forward-Look Sonar

GeoDAS-FLS (Forward-Look Sonar) controls and acquires data from the Ultra Electronics high-frequency wide-band forward looking sonar system. The side-by-side bathymetry and imagery displays provide obstacle avoidance capabilities and overall environmental awareness. In addition to the acquisition and playback module, GeoDAS-FLS includes target analysis capabilities and provides a superior working environment for vehicle operators, particularly in low-visibility environments.

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The GeoDAS-FlS GUI provides a customizable interface for acquiring and analyzing your forward-look data. The main GUI component is the side-by-side bathymetry and imagery sector displays. Beneath the sectors displays is a bathymetry profile for the region ahead of the vehicle.


Graphical User Interface

System Control Interface

GeoDAS-FLS allows operators to directly control the sonar acquisition settings. Specific controls include:

Target Analysis