Introducing SAMM-PACK

SAMM is our Stand Alone Mosaicking Module, ideal for underwater search and survey. SAMM-PACK bundles SAMM with a forward-look sonar, steerable pole-mount, GPS system and computer to give marine units an underwater search system that maps the searched area, shows areas covered on a map, chart or air-photo background, and allows target marking and image export.

You see where you have searched as you go, and know what you have to cover next. With GeoTIFF and Google-Earth exports, quantifiable reporting is a snap.

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Supported Forward-Look Systems

tritech gemini Gemini 720 series
Starfish Sidescan
blueview BlueView P/M series
kongsberg m3 Kongsberg/Mesotech M3
r2sonic 2024 R2Sonic 2024
r2sonic 2024 SoundMetrics Aris

Data Acquisition Features:

Post-Acquisition Processing Features:


Please click on images below to download:

SAMM User Manual
User Manual
SAMM Tutotial
Getting Started Guide