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Digital Sidescan Sonars / Tritech SeaKing


Sensors Supported:


Datasonics SIS1000

Datasonics SIS1500/02

Datasonics SIS-3000

DSME Utech S-150

Edgetech 272-ACI

Edgetech DF-1000

Edgetech 4200/4300

EdgeTech FS-AU




Klein 2000

Klein 3000/5000

MSTL Sea Scan

Teledyne Benthos SIS 1600


Tritech SeaKing

The Tritech SeaKing is manufactured by Tritech, based in the UK.  The Tritech SeaKing Towfish sidescan sonar system is an extremely compact, low cost, high-definition side scan sonar system. The Towfish side scan sonar is designed for a wide range of seabed survey and inspection duties.  


The SeaKing Towfish sidescan sonar system is available with two operating frequencies. The high frequency 675kHz sidescan has the greatest resolution and a useful range out to 75 meters on either side of the survey tow track. The mid frequency 325kHz sidescan has a useful range in excess of 200 meters either side.

Tritech SeaKing sidescan sonars record in their proprietary Tritech format, which can be read and processed by GeoDAS-Desktop.