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SAMM (Software Only)

SAMM is an easy to use, plug and play add-on to your existing Forward Look Sonar (FLS) system.  It automatically creates mosaics of your FLS data in real time over your co-registered charts or imagery, while logging the raw data. SAMM’s post acquisition features let you adjust swath layering, contrast and brightness, clean navigation, choose alternate background images, and export images to Google Earth.


SAMM-PACK (Complete SAMM Sonar Kit)

SAMM-pack is OIC’s complete solution to FLS surveying from a surface craft.  It includes SAMM software loaded on a pre-configured laptop, a mounting pole and your choice of forward-look sonar with the required accessory kit.

Our VT102 is an ideal solution for position and heading.  For users requiring more flexibility in mounting our advanced pole-mount option is a ready-made solution.

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SAMM-PACK with Tritech Gemini 720i

The Gemini 720i is a real-time high frequency imaging solution suitable for detailed surveys. Operating at 720kHz with state of the art processing electronics the Gemini 720i produces images of superb clarity.  An integrated sound velocity sensor assists in providing the sharpest image possible with accurate ranging.  


SAMM-PACK with Teledyne BV - P450-45

Engineered for long range with wide area coverage options, the P450 Series is the best solution to detect, monitor, and track objects and/or targets in real-time at distances up to 300 m (984 ft.), optimal range 4 m - 175 m
(13 - 574 ft.).


SAMM-PACK with Teledyne BV - P900-90

At twice the frequency of the P450, the BV900 has double the resolution.  With a 90 degree field of view it also covers a wider swath, with more beams.  It’s an ideal system for underwater detection and identification and an expanded field of view Maximum range is 100 m (328 ft.); optimal range is 2 m - 60 m (6.5 ft - 196.8 ft.)


SAMM-PACK with Teledyne BV - P900-130

The BV-900-130 gives you the high resolution imaging of the P-900-90, but with a wider field of view, and greater number of beams.  It’s the ultimate system for maximum efficiency and an ultra-wide field of view.  Maximum range is 100 m (328 ft.); optimal range is 2 m - 60 m (6.5 ft - 197 ft.)


SAMM-PACK with Teledyne BV P900 / 2250 (Combo)

The P900/2250 (dual frequency) sonar system combines the power of BlueView’s medium range P900 navigation and inspection sonar with the identification capabilities of a higher frequency 2.25 MHz sonar head.  The P900/2250 provides medium and ultra-short range imaging in zero visibility conditions. Maximum range for 900 Khz head is
195 ft.; maximum range for 2.25 Mhz head is 26 ft.


SAMM Kit Components

Each SAMM-Pack includes the following components: SAMM software, SAMM laptop, sonar, sonar accessory kit, a pole mount, Hemisphere GNSS dual head antenna, and a rugged packing case.


Other:  BV3100 Pole Mount, Active Pan and Tilt

The BV Boat Mount system uses BlueView’s miniature forward looking sonar mounted to a digital pan and tilt system to deliver clear, streaming imagery during both confined and wide area searches.  This real-time imagery is produced whether moving or stationary, even in zero visibility water conditions.  The Boat Mount System can be used alone or as a complement to side scan sonar by allowing the user to reacquire and guide divers to targets found in sidescan imagery.


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