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Single Beam Echosounders / Overview

Single-beam echosounders are the original and simplest acoustic seafloor mapping systems. They consist of a transducer, mounted either to the hull of the boat or over the side, a driver, and a display system. With each sounder ping, the driver energizes the transducer, producing a pulse in the water directed downward to the bottom. The reflected energy comes back to the transducer, where it excites the receiver, and is detected and displayed.


Sensors Supported:

Atlas Deso


Knudsen 320

Odom Echotrac

Simrad EA500

Depth is derived from measuring the travel time, and knowing the speed of sound in water. Single-beam echosounders come in single and dual-frequency models, with the dual-frequency models providing two depth estimates. As lower frequency sound may penetrate superficial sediments, these are often said to be useful for “mud-layer” mapping. Using OIC software, single-beam echosounder data can be superimposed on chart data and output as a mission product, complete with descriptive text and displayed geo-coded Latitude/ Longitude degrees, or Eastings/Northings.