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Digital Sidescan Sonars / Edgetech 272-ACI


Sensors Supported:


Datasonics SIS1000

Datasonics SIS1500/02

Datasonics SIS-3000

DSME Utech S-150

Edgetech 272-ACI

Edgetech DF-1000

Edgetech 4200/4300

EdgeTech FS-AU




Klein 2000

Klein 3000/5000

MSTL Sea Scan

Teledyne Benthos SIS 1600 TOBI

Tritech SeaKing

The EG&G 272 dual frequency (100 and 500 KHz), analog sidescan was originally manufactured by EG&G Marine Instruments of Wareham, MA. EG&G Marine Instruments is now doing business as EdgeTech, with offices in Massachusetts and Florida. While the 272 is no longer in production, EdgeTech has released an Analog Control Interface (ACI) Kit consisting of a towfish interface box and PCI interface card, which allows GeoDAS to directly control the 272 as if it were a true digital sonar.

Through GeoDAS-PC/ACI the system can produce either 100 or 400 KHz digital sidescan data at 12-bit dynamic range, 24KHz sample rate.

OIC supports the EG&G 272-ACI sidescan (digital output) via GeoDAS-PC, providing a full control, logging and real-time processing solution. Logging the 272-ACI data as digital OIC records allows post-acquisition processing and mosaic productions with GeoDAS-Desktop or OIC CleanSweep.

For examples, see our Data Samples pages.

For details on acquisition, see the GeoDAS section.