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Digital Sidescan Sonars / Imagenex SportScan and YellowFin


Sensors Supported:


Datasonics SIS1000

Datasonics SIS1500/02

Datasonics SIS-3000

DSME Utech S-150

Edgetech 272-ACI

Edgetech DF-1000

Edgetech 4200/4300

EdgeTech FS-AU




Klein 2000

Klein 3000/5000

MSTL Sea Scan

Teledyne Benthos SIS 1600


Tritech SeaKing  

The SportScan sidescan system, made by Imagenex, of British Columbia, Canada, is an affordable dual channel, high-resolution, digital sidescan sonar geared toward the sport diving market. It provides 8-bit, digital data over a full-duplex RS-232 link. Download the SportScan specifications (PDF).

The Imagenex Model 872 “YellowFin” is a full-featured, 3-frequency, high resolution, sidescan sonar. The YellowFin is an affordable, user-friendly system that incorporates a high speed Ethernet connection to your Windows NT-based laptop or desktop PC.

OIC supports the SportScan Sidescan via GeoDAS-LT, and the Yellowfin Sidescan via GeoDAS-GD (generic digital) providing a full control, logging and real-time processing solution. For details, see the GeoDAS section.

Optional Imagenex software allows logging of SportScan and YellowFin data in native Imagenex format files (.81s, and.872), which can be converted and processed by GeoDAS-Desktop.