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Multibeam Sonars / Reson SeaBat: 9001/81xx


Sensors Supported:

Atlas Fansweep

Atlas Hydrosweep

Odom Echoscan

Reson SeaBat: 9001/81XX

Simrad EM12/EM950

Simrad EM300/1000/3000

SeaBeam 2112

The Reson SeaBat series are manufactured by Reson, Inc., Slangerup, Denmark.

The SeaBat 8101 Multibeam Echosounder operates at a frequency of 240 kHz, with a depth range of up to 300 meters.   Transducer depth operating ranges include 120 m, 300 m, 1500 m, 3000 m and 6000 m (depending on series type), with a swath coverage of 7.4x water depth. The SeaBat utilizes up to 3,000 soundings per second for a swath that can be over 500 meters wide, and a measurement rate up to 40 profiles per second.

The SeaBat 9001 operates at a frequency of 455 kHz, with a depth range of 140 meters.  


Transducer depth operating ranges include 350 and 500 meters, with a swath coverage of 2x to 4x water depth.

OIC supports SeaBat data acquisition using GeoDAS-MB, with support for bathymetry, beam-amplitude, sidescan and snippets.

To view Reson SeaBat data samples, click here.