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Multibeam Sonars / Atlas Hydrosweep


Sensors Supported:

Atlas Fansweep

Atlas Hydrosweep

Odom Echoscan

Reson SeaBat: 9001/81XX

Simrad EM12/EM950

Simrad EM300/1000/3000

SeaBeam 2112

The Atlas Hydrosweep multibeam system is manufactured by Atlas Hydrographic, Sydney, Australia.  (Click on figure below to magnify it.)

The name Atlas Hydrosweep comes from “HYDROgraphic Multi-Beam SWEEPing Survey Echosounder”. The Atlas Hydrosweep MD (Medium Depth) is a beam-forming multi-beam system suitable for surveys from 10m to 2,000m, 4,000m, 5000m, or 6000m depending on the transducer and frequency configuration. Operating at 30kHz or 50kHz the Atlas Hydrosweep MD is optimized for surveys on the continental shelf and on the continental slope.

The Atlas Hydrosweep has a bathymetric swath width of up to 10 times water depth, and a side scan imagery swath of 12 times water depth.  Atlas Hydrosweep  is supported via post-processing in the OIC Toolkit.