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Multibeam Sonars / Atlas Fansweep


Sensors Supported:

Atlas Fansweep

Atlas Hydrosweep

Odom Echoscan

Reson SeaBat: 9001/81XX

Simrad EM12/EM950

Simrad EM300/1000/3000

SeaBeam 2112

The Atlas Fansweep multibeam system is manufactured by Atlas Hydrographic, Sydney, Australia.

The Atlas Fansweep  has 100-200kHz broadband coverage that includes Simultaneous Multi-Ping technology allowing the system to transmit up to eight pings into the water column at any one time. This enables the system to operate in smaller vessels at higher speeds and in higher sea states than conventional multibeam systems. The Fansweep  uses proprietary “High Order Beamforming”, a technique that provides superior resolution across the entire swath of 8x water depth. The Fansweep transmits survey data including bathymetry, automatic feature detection, bottom type classification and in-water column analysis.

Atlas Fansweep  is supported via post-processing in the OIC Toolkit.