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Multibeam Sonars / Odom Echoscan


Sensors Supported:

Atlas Fansweep

Atlas Hydrosweep

Odom Echoscan

Reson SeaBat: 9001/81XX

Simrad EM12/EM950

Simrad EM300/1000/3000

SeaBeam 2112

The Odom Echoscan is manufactured by Odom Hydrographic Systems, Inc., of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  


The Echoscan has a 200 kHz operating frequency, with 2.5cm resolution, high survey speed capability (17 knots max), sidescan and heave/pitch/roll sensors co-located in the transducer, a built-in single-beam transducer and independent bottom-tracking channels.

OIC supports acquisition of Echoscan data through GeoDAS-MB and
GeoDAS-GA (for sidescan and multibeam).

For samples of processed Echoscan data, click here.