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Single Beam Echosounders / Atlas DESO


Sensors Supported:

Atlas Deso


Knudsen 320

Odom Echotrac

Simrad EA500

For details on using GeoDAS-LT for single-beam surveys, download our reference document PDF “Single-beam survey with GeoDAS-LT”


The Atlas DESO single-beam echosounder series are manufactured by Atlas Hydrographic Group, of New South Wales, Australia. The line includes DESO models 14,15, 20, 25 and 30. (DESO Model 30 shown here.)

The latest model (DESO 30) connects to a low frequency and high frequency transducer (or optional sidescan transducer array). The DESO 30 features an interchangeable high-resolution paper recorder and full screen daylight LCD display with raw data storage and replay. It can handle frequencies ranging from 10kHz to 750kHz with automatic and manual ping tuning to provide coverage to 6000m. The DESO 30 has external interfaces including Ethernet and inputs from GPS/DGPS receivers and compasses.

OIC supports reading water depth from ATLAS DESO Echosounders via GeoDAS-PC and GeoDAS-LT, over a standard RS-232 serial connection.  

Click here to view data samples of single-beam surveys.