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Magnetometers / Marine Magnetics SeaSPY  


Sensors Supported:

Geometrics 882

Marine Magnetics SeaSPY

The SeaSPY Marine Magnetometer is made by Marine Magnetics, of Ontario, Canada.  It utilizes a branch of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging known as the Overhauser effect to produce an omni-directional measure of the local magnetic field. It can be operated in stand-alone mode with its own software, or can be set to communicate both data and control over a single RS-232 serial link.

OIC supports the SeaSPY both as an independent sensor, using GeoDAS-LT for a complete control and display topside, or in conjunction with another sensor such as a sidescan, in GeoDAS-PC.

For examples of data processed from the SeaSPY with a Klein 3000 in GeoDAS,
click here.