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New Product : SAMM for FLS

Our Stand-Alone Mosaicking Module for Forward-Looking Sonar!

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  • Easy to Use Plug-and-Play Add-on to Your Forward Look Sonar
  • Automatically Creates Mosaics in Real Time from Forward Look Sonar Data
  • Automatically Loads Background Charts or Imagery for Easy Geo-Referencing
  • Supports Post-Processing, Swath Layering, Imagery Enhancement and Export
Oceanic Imaging Consultants, Inc. is the leading manufacturer in easy-to-use seafloor mapping software systems; our software systems are used by commercial, federal, military, and academic clients worldwide. OIC's software provides critical solutions to seafloor imaging problems. We are able to accomplish our client's goals by providing consistent high quality, easy-to-use, turnkey software as well as in-house expertise and excellent customer service.