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Interferometric Sidescans / SSI SYS09 - 120


Sensors Supported:

AMS Systems




SSI SYS09 - SYS120


Teledyne Benthos C3D

UEOS Deepscan

The SSI Sys09/Sys100 systems are manufactured by Fugro Seafloor Surveys, Inc. (FSSI), Seattle, Washington.  The Sys09 is a towed body, vector side-scan, phase bathymetry sonar system operating at a frequency of 9 kHz.   


While being towed at a depth of 100 meters, the system can map a swath up to 10 kilometers wide down to full-ocean depth. The system produces simultaneous real-time side-scan intensity images and industry standard swath bathymetric maps. The data is corrected for towfish altitude and movement using a depth sensor and a motion-sensing unit mounted in the towfish.

The Sys100 is a high-resolution vector side-scan sonar. Operating at 100 kHz, the system surveys swaths up to 1,000 meters wide, while delivering simultaneous real-time side-scan intensity images and bathymetric maps.  The data are acquired in 2,048 pixels across the swath, with each pixel containing a water depth and an echo intensity measurement.  The Sys100 towfish is towed within 150 to 200 meters of the seafloor with a two-body tow system. Typical survey water depths are between 20 and 1,200 meters.

All measurements are corrected for actual towfish attitude using an internally-mounted six-component, motion sensing unit.  The Sys100 towfish is equipped with a chirp sub-bottom profiler. Mounted in the towfish with the side-scan array, the transducer correlates sub-bottom data with bathymetry and side-scan intensity images. The sub-bottom profiler transmits at the same time as the side-scan. Both sets of signals are digitized and telemetered to the surface, where they are logged on an optical disk.

OIC interfaces with the Sys09 and Sys100 using OICToolkit for post-acquisition processing.