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Sector Scan Sonars / Sonavision Mercury


Sensors Supported:

Imagenex 852

Sonavision Mercury

Tritech Micron

The Mercury sector scan sonar is made by Sonavision Ltd., of Aberdeen, Scotland.  The Sonavision Mercury offers an in-water tunable (600 - 1200 KHz) 180-degree forward-look sonar in a minimum weight package. PC-based software can control and receive data from the unit over a single full-duplex
RS-232 link. The head can be removed from the electronics body, to further reduce weight at the point of usage.

OIC supports the Mercury with GeoDAS-PPI, providing a complete control, acquisition and processing interface capable of not only displaying the forward look data in a traditional PPI (Plan Position Indicator) display, but in a geocoded mosaic over a chart, as well.

Click here to view data samples of sector scan sonar.