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Non-Acoustic Systems / Raytheon LS-4096 (Laser Line Scan)


Sensors Supported:

Areté Streak Lidar

Princeton Instruments ESC

Raytheon LS-4096 (Laser
Line Scan)

SAIC SM2000 (Laser Line Scan)

The Raytheon LS-4096 is manufactured by the Raytheon Company, of Waltham, MA.  The LS-4096 provides continuous 14-bit imagery from a scanning laser mounted on an underwater vehicle. Resolution is configurable from 512 to 4096 samples per scan line, at scan rates up to 4000 RPM. At maximum resolution, the LS-4096 delivers 2.2 M bytes per second, at approximately 267 scan lines per second.

Supported by GeoDAS-LLS.

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