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March 2012

Oceanology International 2012, London, UK

Come visit us at Oceanology International 2012 in London, UK, March 13-15. We will be at booth #P300 exhibiting the latest versions of our data acquisition, processing and analysis software packages. If you have any specific requests or questions, feel free to contact us in advance of the show at info@oicinc.com.

Latest OIC Newsletter Available

After a productive year in 2011, we decided that it was time to take a short break from our busy schedule to drop a line to our clients and colleagues regarding the happenings at Oceanic Imaging Consultants. In this issue of the OIC Image newsletter, read about our latest software products, recent sales, recent survey activities and ongoing research projects.

New Product Announcement: OIC Releases HullSweep

Based on input from harbor security professionals, OIC sought to develop a hull scanning solution that provides advanced threat detection capabilities while minimizing vessel traffic disruptions. The result is HullSweep, a software platform that bundles robust and state of the art capabilities in an easy-to-use interface. Hull scanning stations can be built directly in existing transit corridors to passively scan all incoming or outgoing vessel traffic.

The software has been designed to control and synthesize real-time data from two R2Sonic 2024 MBES systems that are inverted (pointing upward) and mounted on the bottom of a channel. With the sonar heads pinging, vessels that travel over and between the two sonar heads are scanned, thus producing a 3D model of the vessel's hull. System features unique to the R2Sonic MBES, such as rotatable and adjustable-width sectors, made it an ideal system for this application. HullSweep interfaces with and controls the two R2Sonic heads, while simultaneously receiving inputs from sound velocimeters, motion sensors and a vessel speed sensor. In addition to the data acquisition module, HullSweep also comes with a 3D editor that allows users to clean, measure and analyze a 3D model of the hull.

OIC Supports Japan Tsunami Recovery Efforts

In August of this year, OIC made delivery of our GeoDAS and CleanSweep software packages to Alpha Hydraulic Engineering Consultants (AHEC), a Japanese firm tasked with conducting harbor surveys along the stretch of coastline impacted by the recent tsunami. In support of their operations, OIC's Masaomi Uchida provided training and data processing services. Says Masa, “This job was a truly great experience. While my contribution to the overall recovery effort was small, it was a tremendous honor to have the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills in this capacity”.