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September 2010

Oceans 2010 MTS/IEEE Seattle

Come visit us at Oceans 2010 MTS/IEEE in Seattle, WA, September 21-23.  We will be at booth #826 exhibiting the latest versions of our data acquisition, processing and analysis software packages.  If you have any specific requests or questions, feel free to contact us in advance of the show at info@oicinc.com.

April 2010

OIC Called in to Assist with Disaster Preparedness Exercise in Hawaii

On April 27th, Federal, state and local law enforcement and emergency responders carried out a homeland security exercise at Honolulu Harbor’s Pier 19.  The purpose of the exercise was to test existing security response plans and procedures.  As part of the exercise, OIC was called in to locate and identify any potential seafloor hazards potentially placed during a hypothetical terrorist attack.  For the operation, OIC utilized the HMS-1400 to conduct a side scan survey in the vicinity of Pier 19.  The acquired data was then compared to a previously acquired base-line survey, and new features were identified and reported to a team of ROV operators from the US Coast Guard.  Based on the information provided by OIC, the ROV pilots were able to quickly locate and identify the targets as 55 gallon drums containing an unknown substance.

This was a very exciting opportunity for OIC.  Not only were we pleased to work alongside our local disaster preparedness teams, but it also gave us an opportunity to test our own operational and response capabilities.  In all, we were able to mobilize from the office to the boat, and were leaving the harbor in less than 2 hours.  Once on sight, we took less than 45 minutes to run the survey, identify the new targets, and deliver the coordinates to the dive team.  

OIC Establishes New OEM Contracts

Oceanic Imaging Consultants is pleased to announce the establishment of a new OEM agreement with Falmouth Scientific Inc. (FSI).  Collaboration between OIC and FSI has resulted in the release of the HMS-1400, a portable and cost-effective digital sidescan towfish and topside combination.  Easy-to-use and low-cost, the HMS-1400 System provides single- or dual-frequency operation with depth, heading and attitude sensors.  Powered by GeoDAS on a Toughbox workstation in a waterproof ABS case with integrated GPS, the HMS-1400 is ideal for harbor surveys, search and rescue operations, small-vessel surveys, and rapid environmental assessment surveys.  For details, download the HMS-1400 spec-sheet or contact OIC at info@oicinc.com.

Geo Marine Technology Ltd. Joins a Growing List of OIC Agents

At the Oceanology International 2010 show in London, Oceanic Imaging Consultants was able to establish a new agent agreement with Geo Marine Technology Ltd. Based in Hong Kong, Geo Marine has over ten years of experience in the marine instrumentation business, and has had great success in delivering a variety of seafloor mapping systems into Chinese markets.  We are very excited by this new opportunity, and look forward to working closely with Geo Marine to grow the list of OIC clients in China.

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