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August 2009

At OIC we welcome feedback on our products, both positive and negative. We recently received the following comments from one of our newest clients, Stan Locker of University of South Florida.  “I have been amazed by the capabilities of GeoDAS and CleanSweep to handle very large datasets efficiently. Customer support is outstanding. My questions and new-user problems have been handled quickly and efficiently. I am particularly impressed by the genuine interest in customer feedback. Thanks!”

May 2009

We are pleased to announce the availability of a full featured demo version of our data processing software, CleanSweep3. The purpose of the demo version is to allow potential users to evaluate the full range of functionality available in CleanSweep. Projects included with the demo DVD include sidescan, multibeam, and interferometric datasets, along with project specific tutorials that provide step by step instructions for everything from sidescan gain corrections and bottom tracking, to automated bathymetry calibration and patchtest processing tools.

May 2009
Oceanic Imaging Consultants will be at U.S. Hydro 2009 in Norfolk Virginia, May 11-14. Come visit our booth (#3) to learn about new products available from OIC.

March 2009
Under contract from Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) OIC executed a deep-towed survey off the coast of California utilizing a Teledyne Benthos C3D interferometric sonar system. The survey required 10 days of 24 hour operations and utilized four OIC personnel to manage the data acquisition and processing. Preliminary processing was carried out at-sea. Deliverables were prepared in our Honolulu office, and included bathymetry xyz, sidescan sonar mosaic, target database, and a GIS project that was a compilation of all final products.

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