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December 2009

Oceanic Imaging Consultants continues to expand its market presence and reputation within the hydrographic surveying community. Recent sales, rentals, and upgrades have gone to:

December 2009

In December 2009, OIC signed an agent agreement with MK Services, who will be our exclusive vendor in the UK. MK Services has been providing geophysical, hydrographic and positioning equipment for almost 30 years. We are very excited by the prospects of this new relationship, and look forward to increasing the presence of OIC products and services in the UK and Europe.
MK Services is now added to an expanding list of OIC agents around the globe, which also includes:

November 2009

In September through November of 2009, Oceanic Imaging Consultants provided data processing services to Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, Inc. (GEMS) in support of a hydrographic survey carried out off the coast of the northeast United States. OIC provided both
in-house and field personnel in support of the operations. OIC’s CleanSweep3 was used for data processing of the collected high-resolution side scan sonar and multibeam backscatter imagery. GEMS is based out of Houston, TX, and specializes in geological, geophysical, and geotechnical analysis for the oil and gas industry. OIC’s relationship with GEMS goes back nearly a decade, as they are longtime users of our data processing software packages. However, this was the first time we have provided direct services for their field operations. The collaboration was a great success, and a wonderful experience to finally work together.

October 2009

Under funding from the Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences (CEROS), OIC began working on development of a software package that will improve the efficiency of post-mission analysis (PMA) of mine-countermeasures data. OIC will be working with both PMS-495 and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City division to deliver enhanced data handling capabilities for MCM data from a variety of sensors.

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