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February 2006

OIC has just completed sea-trials on GeoDAS-SDV, our new navigation, mapping and obstacle avoidance system, tailor-made for swimmer delivery vehicles. GeoDAS-SDV uses a waterproof GPS to acquire initial position fixes at the surface, then updates navigation data once the vehicle is at depth by using information from an integrated Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and compass. For mapping, GeoDAS-SDV can be equipped with single or dual-frequency sidescan, while for obstacle avoidance, a forward-looking sector-scan sonar is incorporated. Users view the data on twin SVGA screens, and interact with the system via a custom-built pair of 6-button touch-pads, allowing control of range, gain, display mode and zoom. Hardware options include user-selection of sidescan and forward-look sonars. Software options include ROVer’s Eye for 3D real-time visualization in the survey, real-time mosaicking of sidescan or forward look data, and display of survey track or mosaic over electronic nautical charts (DNC, S-57, BSB, Transas, etc.).

February 2006

GeoDAS-PC News. OIC releases SmartSonar! Take the guess-work out of optimally tuning your sonar and multibeam. Under funding from CEROS (Centers for Excellence in Research in Ocean Science -) OIC has developed SmartSonar, the latest update to our GeoDAS software package. SmartSonar uses proprietary algorithms to automatically adjust sensor range and gains, allowing collection of optimally tuned raw sonar data, free from any clipping or saturation, even under wide variations in seabed geology. Display tuning is now also automated, providing optimal image correction and contrast enhancement in real-time. In addition, SmartSonar’s automatic target detection algorithms determine possible target locations during surveying, and alert the user. These tools dramatically simplify the survey data acquisition process, and assure greater overall quality control.

February 2006
AzulMar Research, LLC, of Port Republic, MD is now offering hydrographic survey training using OIC software. For more information on the survey course, please download their brochure by clicking here.  


January  2006
Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. To make room for the arrival of their new, larger research vessel, the Bermuda Biological Station has contracted OIC to perform a high resolution route survey in the waters around St. George, Bermuda. OIC and BBSR staff performed the survey, using GeoDAS-LT and the Imagenex YellowFin tri-frequency digital sidescan, producing decimeter-scale fully geo-coded imagery for the survey area in two days.