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Analog Sidescan Sonars / Klein 595


Sensors Supported:  



Klein 595

Klein 2000

EG&G 260/272

UEOS Widescan II


The Klein 595 sidescan/sub-bottom system was made by Klein Associates, Inc., of Nashua, New Hampshire. While the Klein-595 system is discontinued by Klein, significant models of this sidescan are still in operation worldwide.

The Klein 595 offers single or dual frequency (100 and/or 500 KHz) sidescan, with optional single or dual-frequency sub-bottom data. The Klein 595 sidescan is interfaced to the Klein 595 topside for control of range, gain, and power, which often includes a paper gray-scale recorder, optional monitor, and analog data output for two or more data channels.  


OIC supports the Klein-595 sidescan (analog output) via GeoDAS-GA, providing a full control, logging and real-time processing solution. For details, see the GeoDAS section.

For examples of mosaics created by OIC software with Klein-595 data, please see our data samples page.