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Analog Sidescan Sonars / Klein 2000


Sensors Supported:  



Klein 595

Klein 2000

EG&G 260/272

UEOS Widescan II


The Klein 2000 sidescan system was made by Klein Associates, Inc., of Nashua, New Hampshire. While the 2000 system is discontinued by Klein, significant models of the sidescan are still in operation worldwide.

The Klein 2000 offers dual frequency (100 and 500 KHz) sidescan, with optional digital or analog output of any two channels. The Klein 2000 sidescan is interfaced to the Klein 2000 Topside for control of range, gain and power, which often includes a paper gray-scale recorder, monitor, and analog data output for two user-selectable data channels.

OIC supports the Klein-2000 sidescan (analog output) via GeoDAS-GA, providing a full control, logging and real-time processing solution.For details, see the GeoDAS section.

The Klein-2000 optionally can record digital data to tape in a Klein proprietary format. OIC supports reading and post-processing of these Klein 2000 data tapes via the OICToolkit.

For examples of mosaics created by OIC software with Klein-2000 data, please see our data samples page.