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Analog Sidescan Sonars/ EG&G 260/272


Sensors Supported:  



Klein 595

Klein 2000

EG&G 260/272

UEOS Widescan II


The EG&G 272/260 dual frequency, analog sidescan was manufactured by EG&G Marine Instruments of Massachusetts, USA. EG&G Marine instruments is now doing business as EdgeTech, with offices in Massachusetts and Florida.

While the 272/260 is no longer in production, many units remain in use around the world.  Through the 260 Topside deck unit, the system can produce either 100 or 400 KHz analog sidescan data plus a trigger channel.

OIC supports the EG&G 272/260 sidescan (analog output) via GeoDAS-GA, providing a full control, logging and real-time processing solution. For details, see the GeoDAS section.

For examples of mosaics created by OIC software with EG&G 272/260 data, please see our data samples page.